To Pray, Fly, and Survive [San Jose] – An Audiobook Adventure


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To Pray, Fly, and Survive [San Jose] is an audiobook adventure narrated by David De Berg and written by Lucio Vazquez .

It follows the storyline of the protagonist, Leo, who ventures to San Jose, California in the year 2012 to pursue a job opportunity in the Bay Area of California, a golden land of opportunity untouched by the recession plaguing the rest of the United States.

In San Jose, Leo deals with the harsh realities of being an outsider trying to penetrate the “bubble of opportunity” that exists in the corporate world, designed to lock out outsiders.

Through serendipity, luck, and knowledge Leo outmaneuvers and outwits his opponents only to encounter increasingly complex challenges.

While Leo tackles these obstacles, he makes allies, forms friendships, and encounters the darker side of the Bay Area, revealing that not everything is as it appears on the outside.

This novel is based on real events that occurred to the author during his tenure in California.

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