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This is a labor of love compiled over the years of ownership of my domain name. It serves as a compilation of literary works, photography, life journals, and outlets of material to expand mental horizons and introduce readers to new subject matters to challenge world views.

Soon I will have high quality photography and books available for purchase.

For now, please feel free to take a look at my personal Instagram to preview my photography and various life subject matters, and reach out to me for any questions.

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Lucio Vazquez



Private: Stream of Conciousness

www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/publications/21_0120_enforcement-memo_signed.pdf Reading through this memo, is appears that Homeland Security will be pressuring any body caught trying to cross into the United States to sign a waiver absolving them of their rights. This is a work around that I believe has been cooked into the paperwork.

Online Gallery

A gallery of my photographic work will soon be displayed here. You’ll be able to purchased high quality prints to help contribute to my endeavors.

– Lucio

To Pray, Fly, and Survive in Los Angeles

Over the past year I’ve been working on a book chronicles detailing my experiences living and working in San Jose California, Los Angeles, and Japan.

The book is titled “To Pray, Fly, and Survive in Los Angeles.”

I commisioned artistry work by Rose Dela Cruz to illustrate my work.

More information about Rose can be found here


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