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This is a labor of love compiled over the years of ownership of my domain name. It serves as a compilation of literary works, photography, life journals, and outlets of material to expand mental horizons and introduce readers to new subject matters to challenge world views.

My audio adventure novel, “To Pray, Fly, and Survive.” [San Jose] is available for purchase.

To Pray, Fly, and Survive [San Jose]

Welcome to my Endeavor

To Pray, Fly, and Survive [San Jose] is a literary novel that was conceptualized in 2018 and completed in 2021.

It follows the storyline of the protagonist, Leo, who ventures to San Jose, California in the year 2012 to pursue a job opportunity in the Bay Area of California, a golden land of opportunity untouched by the recession plaguing the rest of the United States.

In San Jose, Leo deals with the harsh realities of being an outsider trying to penetrate the “bubble of opportunity” that exists in the corporate world, designed to lock out outsiders.

Through serendipity, luck, and knowledge Leo outmaneuvers and outwits his opponents only to encounter increasingly complex challenges.

While Leo tackles these obstacles, he makes allies, forms friendships, and encounters the darker side of the Bay Area, revealing that not everything is as it appears on the outside.

This novel is based on real events that occurred to the author during his tenure in California.


The Making of “To Pray, Fly, and Survive” [San Jose]

The process of making “To Pray, Fly, and Survive” [San Jose] is a process concluding in October of 2021 with the final proof- printing of the final manuscript. It marks the end of a path that was conceptualized in 2018 to which earnestly began.

The actual task of authoring the novel became an endeavor that I could not visualize surmounting before the process started. It took coordination of people and assets to get everything in place, and then the coronavirus pandemic gripped the world.

However, we were able to overcome and persevere over these obstacles, eventually bringing the novel to fruition that is available on the site today!

The book “To Pray, Fly, and Survive” [San Jose] was conceptualized in 2018 when I had accepted a job in New Jersey, officially closing out an 8-year saga of living in California.

To commemorate, celebrate, and etch into eternity my experiences for all to remember, I started the process of authoring my novel.

I recruited artists to assist in bringing life to this novel, and the literary magic involved in creating this work of art has taken on a life of it’s own, necessitating future versions and allowing me to better express myself.

These novels are allowing me to put into writing the complex issues that are facing individuals today whom are trying to invest in their futures and create better tomorrows for their families and their communities. By voicing and bringing these issues to light, my hope is to enable my peers to make better decisions for themselves and to take comfort in the solace that their struggles are not unheard or ignored.

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