Entering the Year of the Dragon

It’s another great day to be alive in 2024, as we move on into the future. We just hit March, and 2024 is already to a great start. We just entered the year of the Dragon according to the Chinese Calender, and as I research it what it means, many revelations are brought forth.

I’m not too familiar with the concept of the Chinese Calender. All I ever knew was the regular Calender, and the zodiac symbols that we reference in astrology. I’m an Aquarius, and if that is to be understood by me, I’m pre-dispositioned to certain character traits while having an affinity towards or against other people based on the timing of when they were born. This all ties into the grander scheme of the alignment of the planets in that particular time cycle, always referencing the pattern of reoccurring orbits.

The concept of Chinese calendar takes our concept of zodiac, and makes it even more complex. By even more metrics in which they evaluate the destiny of somebody’s life, they assign an animal to that particular cycle of time to which certain traits that no one’s to life are supposed to manifest. Hence, we find ourselves in 2024 in the year to the dragon. This is supposed to be the year where people who have natural leadership abilities are supposed to be able to reap the benefits of their natural inclination to be able to lead and have people follow them.

Proceeding into this year, it’s probably wise to think about our natural leadership abilities and to what degree we excel at them. Of course only you can answer this question for yourself, but they are projecting this to be a year of great change. So let’s all hang on for a ride and take care of each other along the way.