Perspective of COVID from a Detective.

Over the years I’ve attended autopsies. I’ve investigated hundreds of deaths personally. I’ve seen bodies stacked in morgues as a result of hospice patients who never had a death investigation. What you realize is that the public was sanitized from death and as a whole doesn’t understand the numbers of people checking out every day. So if you want to scare people into a pandemic, just highlight death numbers and blame it on the flu. The people pushing the fraud can point at all the dead people and say look, it’s killing us! Put 4 masks on and lock yourselves away, trust us to handle all of your affairs and we promise to make it all better.

Life is more than thinking you can live without fighting off a cold or flu. Life is more than security from a mask and sitting in your house.

Like is EVERYTHING that is being stripped from us is the name of false safety. Meeting with friends and family, going to school, playing a sport, running a business, going to a fair or convention, going to a church and feeling uplifted with others, playing tag on the playground, traveling to a destination to visit people in other countries, traveling on a cruise ship. These are some examples of living. What we get now is fear and false security. The virus will be here for a thousand years after you are dead and gone. Are you going to live or simply exist.

source – annonymous

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