November 24th, 2016 – The day it all started going downhill

I was going through my old photos for purposes of my diary, and I found a photo memorializing an infamous day that the internet now refers to as Haramb the Gorilla. In this photo, I was snapping a photo of my now defunct Microsoft Surface Band. I was using a now retired Microsoft Lumia 950 phone, and I snapped a photo of the Band. There was no particular reason for taking the photo other then the fact that I was taking photos of everything and anything. Of course, this band caught the news blurb of a gorilla that was killed due to the child falling into its pit. This event caught the worlds attention because it seemed like we crossed a invisible line in society., a universally acknowledgement that somehow we just went too far and we needed to turn it back before we crossed the point of no return.

Everybody had a different interpretation for the events, but the effect of the gorilla being shot resonated deeply through society. The gorilla was a very strong, natural primate whom was killed just for the sake of its existence. The child falling into the gorilla pit was the reasoning, but the aftermath resonated. Where was stage child’s parents? Where did responsibility ultimately lie? It seems like this was the moment that personal responsibility left the conversation and this the precipice of events started it’s downward trajectory.

Of course, now it is July 16th, 2021 as of this writing and we can look back and say with certainty that this was the moment that started it all. It all started with the gorilla.

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