I think I might have this figured out.

It all started a few years ago when I was in San Jose, California and somebody mentioned that it was the “techy” thing to buy you own domain name… in your name. Mostly it was to protect yourself, so a jilted lover or a bad business partner didn’t decide to launch a dis-information campaign against you by buying out your own name. This can be really damaging when this occurs… case in point perusing www.nissan.com shows that grudges run deep and will be generational. Best to smooth things over before they get out of control.

I looked up www.luciovazquez.com and I bought it. I was new to the whole internet domain space but thankfully GoDaddy acted like a faithful loan shark / used car salesman / e-real estate pimp. They made things super easy… all I needed to do was shove cash their direction.

They also acted as a services arbiter, redirecting me to hosting and webspace designers that provided simple point and click interface designs that conveniently redirected me to credit card payment information pages. Without knowing what you needed, it could be very easy to get a lot of money taken from you in good faith to get a simple webpage up and running. If you missed your chance to learn HTML when you were a kid… no problem! Point and click interfaces to the rescue! If you can play a Internet browser based game, you can design a webpage.

A few years later, money has been spent and quite a few credit card forms have been filled out but I present version 1.0 of Luciovazquez.com, behind schedule and over budget. That’s okay, because I wanted to carve out my own little space of the internet and winnings winning and you run what you brung. Before you criticize, all I can ask is; “Where’s your website?”

Enjoy your stay here!